Kathryn Carlyle is an internationally recognized and acclaimed artist whose work is
shown in prominent galleries and museums, worldwide.  Her paintings are also
collected by art patrons and included in local and international collections .

Kathryn is a resident artist at the "Arts Arena Gallery" in Delray Beach, Florida.  She
is also an exhibiting artist at the Boca Raton Museum of Art's "Artist Guild Gallery" in
Delray Beach, Florida.  Kathryn's work is often exhibited and seen throughout the
year in both Galleries.  

Like many artists, Kathryn has created series and suites of paintings to compliment
each other, or stand alone on their merits.  Inspiration for her work comes from many
years of study and diverse life experiences.  Kathryn has been a professional artist
for over a decade, and devotes herself full time to her work.  She views art as her
life, and her work as her "Children".

Kathryn works in three very different and diverse mediums: painting; collage; and metal fabrication. Though Kathryn
Carlyle makes the process look so easy; behind the apparent spontaneity is careful and meticulous experimentation.  
Kathryn has created numerous acclaimed and award winning designs employing techniques overlapped from each

Earlier in the artist's career, Kathryn lived in Brazil.  While in Brazil her interests in precious metals and gem stones were
piqued.  It is the early exposure to gem stones that allows Kathryn to harmonize color, texture and artistic vision as a
painter and jewelry artist.  

Kathryn returned to the United States, living and working the Bohemian lifestyle for many years in the artistically rich cities
of New York and Chicago.  Kathryn honed her artistic skills until her "voice" as an artist emerged.  Having gained the
confidence to make art her only career, Kathryn relocated to the tempered and artistically rich climate of south Florida.  It
is the more pleasing and sapid lifestyle she has found in Florida which allows Kathryn's work to continually evolve.

In addition to painting, Kathryn's is an acclaimed jewelry designer.  Her designs incorporate rich textured surfaces, colorful
vibrant gem stones, and uniquely tailored precious metals. Kathryn accents many of her designs with unusual materials in
order to create a new look.

In the artist's own view she believes that "the pieces of jewelry I create are meant to be savored and handled.  Each piece
I create has a rich heritage in the materials; it is my desire to enhance and embellish the materials by adding my own
unique creativity to their resulting designs."  

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